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Shanti Manpreet

Sacred Sound & Healing Artist


Healing for places and beings. Befriend your voice.


My superpower:

Opening the higher realms with my voice. Reminding you of your cosmic connection.

My Story

Shanti Manpreet’s healing journey led her from an office job as a cartographer to a Sacred Sound and Healing Artist, based in Germany and Greece. As a certified Heart of Sound yoga teacher as well as meditation teacher she facilitates transformative chanting experiences since 5 years. She’s initiated in Meditative Healing, Sound Healing and Light Healing by her teachers Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot. As she had no prior musical experience in her life it’s her superpower to encourage people to really trust their own voice and inner guidance by connecting to the Divine through sound.

My Experiences

2010 - 2020






Working as a Cartographer

Certified meditation teacher, teaching weekly meditations in business settings

Mantra and Nāda Yoga Teacher (Heart of Sound Training 480h with Anandra George)

Hosting a singing circle in a woman prison

Amnanda Therapist (ayurvedic healing massage)

Certified Healing Practitioner: Meditative Healing, Sound Healing, Light Healing, Crystal Healing and Kundalini Yoga with

Za Rah Kumara & Hansu Jot (Level 1 220h)

Student of Classical Indian Music with Supriyo Dutta from Colcata

Mantra Band with Aleah Gandharvika, touring in Germany: ĀKĀŚA · Alchemy of Sound

Healer's Journey with Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot (Level 2 75h)

Releasing sacred sound on all music platforms together with Za Rah Kumara

Healer Training with Za Rah Kumara

My Offerings

  • Private Sessions

  • Nāda Yoga Workshops

  • Yoga of Sound Retreats

  • Transformative Chanting Experiences

  • Mantra Concerts & Sound Healings

  • House Clearings

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